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UAF National Demo Against Racist EDL

UAF National Demonstration and march against the EDL
Saturday 03 September
Tower Hamlets – London E2 6HW

Update (03/09/2011): Victory over EDL in Tower Hamlets: they did not pass!

UAF national demo 03 SeptThe EDL – an organisation of racist and fascist thugs – is threatening to march through the east London borough on that date. This is the planned culmination of the EDL’s summer of hate.

UAF have called a national demo in Tower Hamlets on Sat Sept 3 against them, to show the EDL that they shall not pass. Our demonstration will be a celebration of unity. The East End of London has a proud tradition of driving back the fascists (Cable Street 1936).

Nottingham UAF has organised transport for this event.

Coach will leave Nottingham Royal Centre at 7.45am.
Tickets are £6 unwaged/£15 waged.

To book a coach place email your reply, or telephone 07816 041548.

★ Updates

UAF report – Victory over EDL in Tower Hamlets: they did not pass!
Thousands of antifascists, trade unionists and members of the local community marched in victory through Whitechapel today after the English Defence League failed in its bid to demonstrate in Tower Hamlets.
Only around 600 members of EDL made it to their final rally point – at Aldgate, outside the Tower Hamlets borough boundary in East London.
SWP report – We stopped racist EDL …and we’ll do it again!
There are days when our side wins an outright victory. Tower Hamlets on 3 September 2011 was one such day. Thousands of anti-fascists took to the streets of East London and ensured the racist English Defence League (EDL) did not take one step inside the borough. The EDL’s objective was clear. One of its leaders described Tower Hamlets as “The lion’s den—the heart of multiracial and multicultural Britain”.
UAF/UEE victory march in Whitechapel, 3 September 2011
Victory march through Tower Hamlets after EDL humiliated