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RtW – March against the Tories

March Against the Tories

March Against the Tories

Demonstrate at the Tory Party conference
Sunday 02 October 2011 – Manchester

March Against the LibDems

Demonstrate at the LibDem Party conference
Sunday 18 September 2011 – Birmingham

Update (02/10/2011): Protest against Tory conference in Manchester – as it happens

From Right To Work website:

Right to Work can report the TUC will now act as event organiser for the marches at the Tory Party conference in Manchester on 2nd October and the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham on 18th September. Both demonstrations will build on the ‘March for the alternative’ theme.

We consider this to be an excellent development. The March for the Alternative in London on the 26th March was a huge protest. It was an expression of the determination of millions of workers to resist the Con-Dems and their policies of cuts and privatisation.

We look forward to seeing tens of thousands of people marching on the government parties’ conferences in the Autumn. With the possibility of further co-ordinated strikes against attacks on public sector pensions, we look forward to an Autumn of resistance.

Nottinghamshire Trades Union Council is coordinating coaches to both Birmingham and Manchester demos. Details to be announced soon.

Contact us if you want to book seats.

★ Updates

SW reports – Protest against Tory conference in Manchester – as it happens
Over 30,000 people marched today, Sunday, in a magnificent show of strength. Workers, students, disability activists, pensioners, Labour Party activists, first-time protesters and veteran campaigners united together in Manchester against the Tories.

Videos of the march


More videos available on the SWP Youtube Channel

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