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Occupy Nottingham

Starting from around 3pm today, Nottingham’s Market Square has been occupied by a gathering of people aiming “to show that we will no longer tolerate the corporate greed and Government corruption that threatens our way of life and everything we work for”.

The occupation is a part of, and in solidarity with, the hundreds of other occupations taking place in 82 countries on 15th October. The occupiers have been enjoying coming together in the sunshine, tents have been set up and a megaphone is being passed around to communicate their frustrations with the system.


Occupy Nottingham

Read the full report on Nottingham Indymedia.

★ More Reports on the global day of action

Hundreds of thousands occupy globally against injustice (SW 11/10/2011)
Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in hundreds of cities across the world today, Saturday. They were united by a sense that something is seriously wrong with the economic system we live in – and a desire to change it.
From Korea to Australia, from Japan to Canada, from Taiwan to south Africa, people protested.
The Occupy Wall Street movement, that began in New York in the US last month, inspired today’s international day of action. Its slogan, that has been taken up worldwide, is, “We are the 99 percent”.  >> Read more.

Occupy Wall Street: ‘A new generation is fighting back’ (SW 15/10/2011)
Occupations in protest against corporate greed are spreading across the US. The first protest—Occupy Wall Street—began in New York’s financial district. Now there are similar occupations in dozens of other US cities, including in Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle, Denver, Olympia and Boston. And activists in other countries, including Britain are planning their own occupations. >> Read more.

Occupy the London Stock Exchange (Right To Work 15/10/2011)
1000′s of people met at noon today in London outside one of the worlds most iconic buildings. The steps of St Paul’s Cathedral has quickly become the scene of the London occupation and general assembly. Attempts were made to occupy Pastenoster square, next to the London Stock Exchange and set up an occupation but lines of police at every entrance prevented anyone entering. A choir of chants of ‘whose square – our square’ filled the air. >> Read more.
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LENIN’S TOMB: Visiting Occupy London
I went to visit the Occupy London site at St Paul’s today. I went with the specific intention of getting people to talk to me about what their goals were, what the strategy was, and how they viewed the politics of the occupation. To this end, I went round nabbing people for interviews, and eventually ended up talking to someone at the media tent. Before delving into the politics of Occupy London, I want to describe what’s involved in sustaining such an activity for those who aren’t able to be there. >> Read More.

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