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Education Activist Network – Teach-in & National Demonstrations

Three events organised by the Education Activist Network and others:

  • Teach-in ‘The New College of Resistance’, London, Oct 29
  • N9 – National Demonstration ‘Our Education Not Their Business’, London, Nov 09
  • N30 – Operation ‘Education Shutdown’, everywhere, Nov 30

★ EAN Teach-in ‘The New College of Resistance’

Education Activist Network Teach-in
The New College of Resistance
Saturday 29 October, 11am to 5pm
King’s College, Strand, London WC2R 2LS

With only two weeks to the Education Activist Network’s teach-in ‘The New College of Resistance’ at King’s College London on Saturday October 29 looks to be a key launch pad for the campaign against the HE White Paper and to build for an education shutdown on November 30.

The UCU’s as well as the Campaign for the Public University’s official backing of the teach-in are a testimony to the very fact that the HE White Paper’s attacks on our universities have the power to unite an unprecedented numbers in the defence of our universities, schools and colleges. The teach-in will strengthen this movement ideologically.

Times Higher Education Supplement featured an article quoting NUS President Liam Burns on the November 30 strikes. It has become clear that there still is an argument to win with a wider layer of students about strike action and workers fighting back. However, the strikes on March 24 and June 30 showed that we are winning a side within the movement, and are starting to unite students and workers at a local level. This teach-in is a unique opportunity to bring students and lecturers to discuss the next steps for the movement on a national level.

★ N9 – National Demonstration ‘Our Education Not Their Business’

National Demonstration
Saturday 09 November
Assemble 12am
University of London Union, Malet Street, London

National demonstration called by the Education Activist Network, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, supported by the NUS.

Transport will be organised from Nottingham. Contact us.

★ N30 – Operation ‘Education Shutdown’

On November 30, up to 3.5 millions public sector workers could be on strike over their pensions, among them will be teachers, lecturers, educationalists.

So students up and down the country will be not crossing picket lines, bringing them solidarity and breakfast, as well as joining them on local demonstrations.

This strike has the potential to shut down every town and city, and school, college and university students play an important role in making this day of anger against Cameron’s coalition of liars and thieves.

Join the biggest strike since 1926 by walking out, joining picket lines and the local demonstrations.

Watch this space or the Nottingham TUC website for more information on the local details for N30.