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Love Leicester Hate Racism – Stop the EDL in Leicester – Saturday 4th Feb

The Islamophobic and racist English Defence League (EDL) has stated its intention to march through the streets of Leicester on 4th February. It will be the first national EDL demonstration of 2012. Despite the Stephen Lawrence verdict and the racist murder of Anuj Bidve in Manchester on Boxing day Nazis will once again be allowed to parade through our streets.

Leicester has a proud history of challenging prejudice and promoting equality. We oppose discrimination of all kinds. We’ve worked and campaigned together for many years to build a successful, multicultural city where different communities live peacefully side-by-side.

We will not accept attempts to create fear and intimidation in our community. The EDL is a violent, racist organisation. They should be opposed wherever they attempt to organise.

Leicester UAF wish to make it clear that the EDL are not welcome in our city. We call upon all local people, political parties, trade unions, cultural, youth, faith and community organisations to work together to unite our city and defy the EDL’s attempts to divide us and stir up hatred.

32 years ago the people of Leicester united to stop the Nazi National Front from marching in our city.

On October 9th 2010 thousands of people took to the streets of Leicester to defend their communities and their city against the EDL.

On 4th February we need to send a message loud and clear – racist EDL will not be tolerated in our city.

For more information:

Update: Transport is organised from Nottingham. Coach leaves Nottingham from the Royal Centre, (opposite Cornerhouse) at 9:30am; a coach place is £10 (waged) and £4 (unwaged). Be in touch if you want to come along and book a seat: nottingham.uaf@googlemail.com

Update: Download the leaflet.

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