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[UAF] March against the EDL in Luton (Sat 5 May)

UAF is calling on all antiracists and antifascists to mobilise for a national demo against the English Defence League in Luton on Saturday 5 May.


A coalition of local trade unionists and community groups in Luton is organising the march against the EDL.

This will assemble at 11am, Wardown Park, New Bedford Road, Luton LU3 1LP and march to St George’s Square in the centre of town.

We want as many people as possible from around the country to join the protest against the EDL, which has called its own demo in Luton on that day.

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Transport is being organised from Nottingham

Coach leaves Nottingham Royal Centre at 8am. Tickets cost £7 unwaged/£12 waged. To book a coach place, contact 07816 041548, or email: nottingham@uaf.org.uk

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